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Via the interesting business case of Qlayers Frank Rutgers (lawyer at Louwers Advocaten) and Jonno van der Donk (Investment Manager at ECFG) will elaborate on the importance of intellectual property rights during the investment phase of companies. Both Frank and Jonno worked on the Qlayers deal; Jonno as the provider of risk capital and Frank as the lawyer who structured the intellectual property rights in a separate holding company.

 Qlayers is an SME founded by Josefien Groot and Ruben Geutjens in 2017. Qlayers specializes in the field of robotic coating application. The robots that apply the coating are currently made for tank applications and wind turbine blade applications. The tanks use a magnetic crawler that moves over the tank: the 10Q. The wind turbine blades are coated by the BL8 on delivery to the factory. Qlayers' robots make it possible to coat with minimal overspray.

Qlayers has developed a spray hood, the Slash. This makes it possible to apply microstructures to surfaces. Qlayers is currently developing this technique so that it can be applied on a larger scale.

To realize the plan of enabling the coating of the future, Qlayers started raising risk capital in 2020. In that process, Qlayers partnered with ECFG as a Venture Capitalist. Investors, including ECFG, think it is important that Intellectual Property rights are well established and secured in a valid corporate structure. Intellectual property represents value, and that value must be ensured!

As an investment manager at ECFG, I always check for intellectual property. Are there any infringements? Are there licensing agreements in place? Are all rights properly registered? This way I can see if the intellectual property actually represents the value it should. During this event, I will elaborate on this process and thus explain the steps I take.

The event will take place on July 15th and will be an online event (Microsoft teams). Interested? Please register via the  link. Via that link, more information can be found as well.