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What we do


Brainport TechLaw wants to offer the Brainport region an accessible platform where technology and law meets. The initiative facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between (starting) technology companies and consultants (lawyers, accountants, patent attorneys).

We offer an affordable membership with which entrepreneurs can make use of the weekly IP consultation hours at a reduced rate and receive free access to regularly organized meetings. Access is also granted to the complete membership list of companies that have joined Brainport TechLaw. In addition, we offer courses and training on IP-related topics at least twice a year.

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Consultation hour every Tuesday from 16:00 to 18:00

IP Consultation Hours

Every Tuesday we offer consultations at the High Tech Campus (The Lounge, High Tech Campus 1, The Strip) from 16:00 to 18:0 hrs. Members come here (on appointment) to obtain answers to their questions regarding Intellectual Property. The consultants – lawyers, accountants, patent attorneys, specialized in Intellectual Property – give general advice on this subject at a very reduced rate (€50,- per hour)

More about the IP Consultation Hours


At least once every three months we organize a themed meeting, for example:

  • Lectures, masterclasses and special interest meetings, focused on medical privacy, bankruptcy, IP landscaping;
  • Specific topics in workshops given by technicians and lawyers, such as open innovation, open hardware, 3D printing, Internet of Things, privacy, data protection;
  • More general topics such as governance, risk management and compliance in technology;
  • Position papers on, for example, subsidies and state aid, competition law, desired regulation or deregulation.

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Minimaal 4x per jaar organiseren we themabijeenkomsten

Leer van specialisten over Intellectual Property, privacy, en andere onderwerpen

Courses and training

Learn about Intellectual Property, privacy and other topics regarding both technology and law from our specialists. What is important to take into account and what influence does it have on your company? Twice a year you can participate in a course day, where members benefit from a discount. In cooperation with other market parties, we also organize various technology workshops for interested parties with a non-technical background.

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