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IP Consultation Hour

Do you, as an entrepreneur, have questions regarding Intellectual Property Law? Come to the IP Consultation Hour of Brainport TechLaw at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. You will receive answers on questions such as:

  • What can be protected?
  • How does IP originate?
  • How and when should your register something?
  • How can your commercialize IP?
  • What is the role of IP when collaboration exists in the development of products or services?

How does IP Consultation work?

The IP Consultation Hour is offered every Tuesday from 16:00 to 18:00 and only sees people by appointment. Via our online from you can indicate what time you would like to visit and for which IP expert (lawyer, patent attorney, financial/business expert or tax advisor) you have a question. We will confirm your appointment, which takes places at the HTC: The Lounge, High Tech Campus 1, The Strip. A map with directions to the HTC is shown on this page.

What do I pay for the IP Consultation Hour?

For the IP Consultation Hour you pay a contribution of only €50,- ex. VAT per hour. The first session is freely accessible; follow-up sessions at the same rate are reserved for our members. Prior to the consultation, read the Conditions of the Brainport TechLaw Consultation Hour.