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Technology Arbitration & Mediation Institute

Technology Arbitration & Mediation Institute (TAMI)

Unfortunately, entrepreneurship and innovating also means conflicts can occur. For example with a partner, an employee, a supplier or a competitor. Sometimes an external party is required to resolve a conflict. However, litigation before a judge requires a huge investment in both time and resources. This is the reason Brainport TechLaw initiated the establishment of a dispute institution based on arbitration: a professional, advantageous, fast and confidential alternative to litigation.

Arbitration via TAMI

TAMI offers independent dispute resolution in the field of technology. In addition, the institute offers the possibility to provide mediation as well as binding- and non-binding advice. Arbitration via TAMI is (preferably) done electronically. The arbitration session is also held via videoconferencing, unless the parties prefer to have a physical session. This in order to save a substantial amount of money – especially in international disputes. The arbitration institute will be completely separated from the Brainport TechLaw knowledge centre and will receive an independent board and secretariat.

Time planning

In the first quarter of 2018, Brainport TechLaw expects to form  a group of main representatives that will establish and carry out TAMI, in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology (Tue), Juridische Hogeschool (a combined University of Applied Sciences of Hogeschool Fontys and Avans University of Applied Sciences) and Tilburg University (TILT). Broadly speaking, the contours of TAMI will be available mid-2018. Where possible, there is cooperation with existing arbitration institutes.